I’m Joanna Grace, your Musical Expression Coach.

I help you feel the healing power of music so you can release stress, focus your mind and restore your energy.

Piano Lessons

your choice: On Zoom or in West Toronto

Do you want to express yourself creatively? You can do it by playing music! Whether you've had music instruction in the past or not, I will help you simplify pieces into manageable patterns so you can feel successful in every lesson! Grab a free 30 min. intro lesson now!

Sound Healing Energy group workshops

wellness organizations and groups of curious learners

What makes sound so healing? Let's collaborate a unique experience to help your group release tension and feel more relaxed. Sound Healing soothes physical and emotional tension/ pain in the body and mind. Experience sound in a new way for insight and inspiration

Horn Lessons

your choice: on zoom or in west toronto

Perhaps there is that one very special piece you've always wanted to play. I'll help you learn it! Or maybe you've set the horn aside when group ensembles were on hold during the pandemic? And now you want to get back in shape? I have proven methods to help you achieve your goals with ease and efficiency! I look forward to meeting with you!

Get Your Voice Back!

after illness, stress or pandemic restriction

I am empathic, highly-sensitive and intuitive, tapping into unspoken and unexpressed energies that prevent you from feeling your best energetic self. Be heard and understood through sound vibrations to release emotional and physical tension so you can better show up for the people and activities that matter most to you!

About Me - Joanna Grace

My Mission: I want to show the world that playing and experiencing music provides a healthy outlet for expressing our inner thoughts and feelings, inspiring harmony with ourselves and others in order to create a world that celebrates creative expression, empowerment, and improved communication with others.

I help music-lovers release physical and emotional tension so they don't stay stressed out in their free time. When you prioritize time for yourself, I help you experience insight and relaxation so you can better show up for the people that matter most to you and resume activities feeling peacefully energized.

My degrees, certifications, and training include:
Masters in Sound Reiki (Sound Reiki Institute, Toronto)
Healing Sounds (Sound Healers Association, Colorado, U.S.)
Master of Music degree (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison)
Emotional Intelligence (Center for Creative Learning in Wisconsin)

In 2016, I received the Emerging Creative Talent award for "Leadership in Originality and Innovation in the Creative Industries" (Richmond Hill) for creating:
1) a Sound Healing program for long-term care residents with dementia and 
2) the Clearly Musical Home Concert series for "unique, up-close musical experiences that cannot be matched in large concert halls" (2016-2020).

In 2020, I served as a Crisis Response frontline healthcare worker at long-term care homes in Toronto during Covid-19 outbreaks. I've held emotional space for staff, patients and visitors to express resistance, restriction, anger, stress, loss, overwhelm and anxiety while encouraging them to experience present-moment mindfulness and joy.

And, I became a featured Rz Expert with the Reset Zone mobile app, sharing Sound Healing Energy 1-minute videos to reset your (difficult) emotions. I look forward to sharing music and sound with you!

Joanna Grace, Piano & Horn Teacher, Sound Healer & Performing Musician, based in Toronto, Canada & Online  

Email: joanna[at]joannagrace.ca     Phone: 647-701-8421     By appointment only: 193 Argyle Street, Toronto, ON M6J 1P5