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About me

Playing the piano and horn in my childhood was a way for me to express my emotions when I couldn’t safely do so in other situations. I took weekly lessons, had teachers who believed in me and improved my fluency in playing both instruments. It wasn’t until I obtained my Master of Music degree and had a full studio of students that I realized the level of empowerment I could offer my students who showed signs of sadness or repressed anger while seated next to me in music lessons. I invited them to play pieces so they could express their emotions safely without talking about the difficult emotions they seemed to be experiencing.

I coached students in musical literacy and expression of various emotions thorugh music and dove into exploring Emotional Intelligence for myself. As I opened myself up to really feeling my own difficult emotions I became curious about how Sound Healing and intentional music can shift and uplift our moods. By 2013, I completed a Masters in Sound Reiki (Sound Reiki Institute) and a Healing Sounds certificate from the Sound Healer’s Association (Jonathan Goldman). I work with individuals and groups to release deep-rooted emotional and physical tension and help caring adults feel more relaxed and experience greater sleep at night.

Especially now, in our pandemic situation, people may experience more intense and fluctuating emotions because of the inability to predict our safety and the recommended restrictions on social interactions. Playing music or experiencing Sound Healing Energy is a safe way to address and manage our difficult emotions, by absorbing customized sound to shift and release what is no longer necessary. Then we can fully embrace life’s situations for our optimal experience and personal growth.

My mission is to restore your natural ability to heal with sound.   -Joanna Grace          647-701-8421       

Joanna Grace, Sound Healer, Piano & Horn Teacher, Performing Musician, based in Toronto, Canada & Online 

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